Wednesday, September 15, 2010



So this is my individual progress and task for my flash group project, Cloud 9 which is doing traveling. We agreed to use the same design and layout for each page to synchronize our website. Then our group leader has been divided the task for each of us to proceed with the flash design and im responsible for Indonesia.

a) This is the layout of destination page and there is 4 buttons at below of the page. So when the users mouse over at Indonesia, the flag badge of Indonesia will pop out.

b) The first step is to design the layout and we're using the same design as we've discussed and agreed. When users click at Indonesia's button at destination page, the first page of my destination which is include brief information and picture of the country will appear as shown below. And there is three sub buttons at the bottom of the picture which is best place, event & celebration and gallery.

In order to appear this page, i play with the transition.

c) When best place button is clicked, there will appear 3 best places to travel of the country which is Bali, Jakarta and Bandung. To know more about the places, just click at the picture and the information will appear at the right side.

First put all the pictures together.

And then put the information of each place at the right layer.

And play with the transition.

d) Same goes to event & celebration, we provide the users some upcoming event & celebration in that country. So below is the layout.

The same transition is applied to this layer.

e) And the last sub button is gallery. I put several interesting pictures of Indonesia and the first layer will appear with 4 small pictures on the left side.

When mouse over to any of the pictures, then a big picture will pop out at the right side.

I applied this transition/animation to each of the picture.

f) And below is the step for creating the three sub buttons animation. When mouse over to the button, it change from gray to green.

(i) Best place

(ii) Event & celebration

(iii) Gallery


How is your understanding of the topic after doing the project? Understanding about interactive multimedia?

I’ve learned more by time to time how to design a flash, create a flash website by first doing the assignment which is character and website resume and I understand better about this subject, interactive multimedia.

What were the problems faced since Proposal 2? How did you/your team solve your group problems?

There is something wrong with the coding which is when I publish; the output is not what i wanted. So I asked for my teammates to spot the problems and they taught me with the right coding and action script.

What would you do differently next time?

I learn from the mistakes, next time I better be careful with this kind of problems.

How is your motivation level?

I always been motivated since we’re always motivated each other so my motivation level is quite high.

How was working with your group / group leader?

My group leader is a very cool and easy going person, so working with him is not that hard because he’s flexible, always agreed with each member’s idea and opinion. So he is a good group leader.

How was it working on the project?

It’s getting pressure at the end, but by that pressure I gain our spirit to finish it up our website and by doing this project can gave us sort of experiences for us to dealing with the real working world after this.

How were your teammates/Group leader?

Every teammates had a good effort and spirit in order to finish up this project. We’ve been helping each other so that no one is left behind.

Personal evaluation of your own effort and that of your team

In order to finish up this website, I learn from the internet like youtube for the part which we have to add some action script during the flash-making process. Instead of that, I asked from senior whose expert in flash to teach me.

Finally i would like to thanks especially to my group members; Abu Suffian, Dhiya Fathan, Nurul Izzati and Amelia for being the coolest groupmates and you guys rock my world ! ;D and yeah not forgotten to our lovely lecturer, Dr. Neo Mai and our 3 lovely assistants, Miss Heidi, Miss Joyce and Miss Sally.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FLASH - Personal website resume


For 2nd task, we've been asked to make our own personal flash website. To make it interesting, i came out with this idea which is im using lamp as my buttons and picture frame for my information. For my welcoming page, i leave it blank and dark with my banner on the left side. When click home, the lamp will on and glow through out the frame.

Hanover lamp

Picture frame

So below is my interface of my introduction page.

And this is my homepage.

My biodata which is include my hobbies & interest, educations and job experienced.

And finally my gallery.

FLASH - Character


This is our first task that has been given which is to create our flash character with our pet. Since i don't have any pet, i chose bird to be my pet.

a) The first step, i drew my background.

b) And then i create my character and my pet.

c) Then put animation on it using flash.